Ready, Set, Glow: Why You Need to be Exfoliating

Ready, Set, Glow: Why You Need to be Exfoliating

When it comes to achieving healthy, glowing skin using highly effective, natural skincare products that nourish, hydrate, and moisturize is an important first step.

However, another important step in any well-balanced skincare routine is regular exfoliation. We suggest using a gentle exfoliator once or twice a week to give your skin a refresh. With that in mind, it’s important not to use products that contain harsh ingredients or to exfoliate too often, since to do so may damage your skin microbiome and barrier.

That’s why we’ve created a gentle exfoliating certified organic Super Natural Mask that soothes and softens your skin, while infusing it with potent anti-inflammatory plant botanicals so you can put your best face forward.  Exfoliation may be the missing key on your path to healthy skin, so today we’re outlining the many benefits it has for your complexion.

Top 6 Skin Benefits of Exfoliating

1. Makes your skin glow and brightens your complexion 

The first benefit is one of the main reasons we love to exfoliate: a bright, glowing complexion! Exfoliation is beneficial for all skin types by giving the face an instant glow. It works in two ways: both by clearing away the dead skin cells that cause dullness and by allowing your serum to penetrate the skin more effectively (see below for more details!). 

Regular exfoliation helps the skin shed its outermost layer which has been subject to environmental damage and can look dull and flaky. This process renews your skin’s surface and can alleviate many common skin problems, such as clogged pores, another benefit we’ll highlight below! 

2. It unclogs your pores

By removing dead or dry skin cells (or even makeup and other environmental toxins) when you exfoliate, you are effectively ensuring that they don’t end up clogging your pores. It’s so important to keep your pores open and clear of debris so that the sebum produced in your skin doesn’t get trapped inside them. Regular exfoliation is a great tool to help prevent whiteheads and blackheads, caused by that trapped sebum, from dulling your complexion.

3. Can help prevent acne breakouts

You might notice a theme in these benefits. While on the surface, exfoliation seems like it’s simply removing some dead skin cells from your face, this process has cascading benefits for the health of your skin barrier and microbiome. The key here is not to use products that contain overly abrasive physical exfoliants or harsh chemicals that can imbalance the skin microbiome. However, not exfoliating can lead to clogged pores that can trap sebum and other debris causing acne breakouts.

Not only does our Super Natural Mask contain organic oats for gentle exfoliation, we also added white clay to help draw out impurities and excess oil from the pores to help prevent breakouts without damaging your skin’s delicate microbiome. If you want even more acne-fighting benefits, make sure to include our Magical Mist Toner in your skincare routine. The organic rose geranium has antibacterial properties to help prevent bacterial acne. 

4. Allows your skincare to penetrate the skin more effectively

If you’re investing in high quality skincare products, you want to make sure you’re getting as much benefit from their active ingredients as possible. If the top layer of the skin is covered in dead skin cells, it makes it a lot more difficult for the active ingredients, such as a plumping and hydrating hyaluronic acid, to penetrate the deeper layers of your skin. Get rid of the dead skin barrier between your skin and your hydrating, moisturizing and nourishing Hella Hydrating Serum and you’ll be amazed at the impact on your glow!

5. Can help stimulate collagen production

Collagen is key for plump, healthy skin that ages gracefully. Exfoliating with a gentle, organic mask stimulates the skin and helps to draw blood towards the skin’s surface. This process also helps boost collagen production since it activates the fibroblasts in your skin that synthesize collagen and elastin. If you want to take your collagen-boosting benefits to the next level, make sure you apply our Hella Hydrating Serum after you exfoliate. The organic cold-pressed rosehip oil contains vitamins A and C, which are cofactors in collagen production.

6. Can help nourish & detoxify the skin

Gentle exfoliating and stimulating your skin has other benefits beyond removing surface debris. This action helps to bring blood flow to the skin, which increases the amount of nutrients it receives, boosting skin nourishment and having long-term benefits on skin health.

The physical massaging of the face during exfoliation can also stimulate the lymph system and help increase lymphatic drainage, effectively detoxifying your skin from the inside.

As you can see, exfoliating your skin once or twice a week can have incredible benefits for your skin health.

Our highly concentrated (no water or fillers!) Super Natural Mask has been specially formulated to protect your skin microbiome while removing dead skin cells and excess oil from your skin.

The main exfoliators are organic oats and ECOCERT white clay, both of which are highly effective while still being gentle enough for regular use. But you know we didn’t stop there. We wanted to ensure that our mask also soothed, nourished, and softened so we added organic comfrey root, marshmallow, calendula flowers, and nettle leaf.

Our customers have seen benefits in one application! If you aren’t exfoliating yet, what are you waiting for? Glowing skin is one treatment away!

I did this mask once and my face instantly felt smoother with better texture and a glow as if I had just received a facial - Roxanne R.