11 Facts About Hello Joyous

11 Facts About Hello Joyous
Why 11? Well, 11 is a special number to us (co-founders Joy & Walker) and it was constantly present in the months leading to the launch of Hello Joyous in 2023. 11 is considered to be a “Master Number”, representing intuition and the presence of spiritual guidance.

This is why we are sharing 11 facts about Hello Joyous - some you might know, but we hope you find these interesting and make you feel good knowing you're supporting a brand doing things right (well, we like to think so).

11 Facts about Hello Joyous

1. We are a proudly Canadian company based in Toronto, founded by husband and wife, Walker and Joy. We officially launched hellojoyous.com April 11th, 2023 at 11:11am.

2. We like to do things the right way (which is rarely the easy way). This goes for everything from our formulations, to packaging and beyond. Sometimes this leads to a few hiccups along the way, but at least it keeps things interesting.

3. Our founder Joy, healed her skin completely from severe rosacea using our skincare.

4. Our products are waterless and contain only premium functional organic ingredients. That means every ingredient has a purpose that benefits you.

    5. Yes, men can use our skincare (we get this question all the time). Walker uses it daily!

    6. The Ultra-Moisturizing Body Butter was the go-to baby-butter for Joy and Walker's daughter. As a toddler she was convinced it cured boo-boos - too cute!

    7. We're a 1% FOR THE PLANET partner and donate 1% of total sales revenue each year to environmental partners.

    8. We're proud to embrace the art of 'skinimalism': clean, simple, and effective skincare for a naturally radiant you, without the junk.

    9. "Weird and fun" (see for yourself!). That's the best way to describe our Fresh Face Cleanser. It's brown, gooey and has a honey-like texture. Is it pretty? No. Is it the best cleanser you'll ever try? Probably.

      10. Traditional beauty companies operate at a 700% markup, but we're doing things differently. Accessible pricing is one of our core values and we're committed to creating functional, premium and organic beauty at fair prices.

      Our logo represents elements of nature and the world around us. Not only does this make sense because our products are literally derived from nature, but it also aligns with the very simple belief that joy can be found all around us and we hope that you find more joy in the every day.