✓ Cruelty-Free  ✓ Non-Toxic   ✓ Vegan   ✓ Paraben-Free   ✓ Fragrance-Free

Good to Know

USDA Certified Organic

Suitable for all skin types

Soothes eczema, heals and protects

Use anytime—day or night

What's Inside


Good for: Banishes dryness and deeply nourishes your entire body without any greasy residue.

Smells like: Has a light chocolate scent from the organic cocoa butter.

Feels like: Heaven. But, actually...

Feel good packaging.

We take a planet-first approach to our packaging. That's why you'll find our products mostly in glass or highly recyclable plastic when needed and all boxes are fully recyclable.

To recycle: Rinse the jar and cap. Place jar, lid and outer box in the blue bin to recycle locally.


Ultra-Moisturizing Body Butter

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